Voters deserve full explanations from each candidate in the crowded race

February 4, 2021 – BUFFALO, N.Y. – 11 candidates have entered the hotly contested 2021 race for Erie County Sheriff. Contenders range from predictable hopefuls with decades-long histories serving in traditional police agency roles to law enforcement outsiders viewing the Office of the Sheriff as an effective means of correcting civil rights violations perpetrated by overreaching government. The time has come for the large group of candidates in this race to explain to voters exactly how they would operate if elected Sheriff.

“I enthusiastically welcome all the candidates that have officially entered the 2021 contest for Erie County Sheriff,” Candidate Steve Felano said. “I was particularly pleased to see fellow candidate Myles Carter enter the race earlier this week. He’s the only other law enforcement outsider to officially announce and the two of us appear to be the sole candidates advancing substantive platforms clearly explaining to voters our respective law enforcement approaches. Myles and I may have our ideological disagreements, but I respect him having the courage to put his ideas on the table and launch a campaign without major party backing out of the gate. All other candidates in this race appear to have simply posted a resume online with family pictures and relied on backroom discussions with county political machine operatives to advance their chances. This ‘way-we’ve-always-done-it’ approach may have worked in the previous election cycle, but it will not suffice in 2021. Voters deserve more than a resume from their candidates for Sheriff. They deserve clear explanations outlining how each candidate would actually operate if elected. Myles and I have explained our individual approaches in detail. It’s time for the nine other candidates in this race to jump in the hot seat and do the same. We need to have a public debate with all 11 candidates in this race.”


Steve Felano is calling on all print and broadcast media outlets serving Erie County to organize a public debate for the 2021 Sheriff race. The debate should welcome involvement from all 11 candidates and require them to go deeper than a resume. Candidates should be required to explain, in a detailed manner, how they would tackle the myriad societal issues confronting law enforcement in 2021. Voters should create the debate agenda and be able to ask pointed questions of their candidates.

Felano will participate in any such candidate debate and will accept invites from community groups of all ideological stripes – those on the far-left, the far-right, and anywhere in between – to explain his campaign platform and debate other candidates. Felano’s staff can be contacted through his campaign website, FELANOWINS.COM, to schedule a discussion or debate.

Steve Felano is running for Erie County Sheriff because, clearly, New York State government is the greatest threat to public safety right now and he has what it takes to fight back.

Felano’s Blue New Deal ensures county residents’ civil rights are protected, unconstitutional edicts from Albany are nullified and ignored, and our Sheriff’s Deputies get the full respect and support they deserve while protecting citizens’ fundamental rights from governmental abuse. It includes:


Non-enforcement of unconstitutional edicts to protect citizens’ rights from state overreach: On Felano’s first day as Erie County Sheriff, the unlawful SAFE Act, arbitrary pistol permit regime, illegal Red Flag Law, and all COVID-1984 executive orders will stop being enforced by Erie County Deputies.

A strong Grand Jury to resist government abuse: As Erie County Sheriff, Felano will impanel a grand jury with the power to investigate official misconduct, including all members of the Cuomo Regime, and all government agents involved in the ongoing, unconstitutional COVID-1984 lockdown forced on Erie County residents.

Ending victimless traffic violations to stop highway theft from working families: State and county government agents impose technical, victimless traffic violations on Erie County residents to balance their irresponsible budgets. Felano will stop enforcement of these violations. Parents just trying to get to work on time should not be robbed on the side of the highway so progressives may continue their reckless spending binge.


Felano is a 35-year-old Erie County resident. He is Founder of 2ANYS, New York State’s premier Second Amendment civil rights advocacy enterprise. Felano’s organization has been instrumental in launching a range of successful legal challenges to Albany’s civilian disarmament regime and illegal COVID-1984 mandates.

Felano is a member of The Firing Pin’s Combat Athletics Team (TFP CAT), which will be competing at the May 2021 Tactical Games event in New Hampshire against a range of law enforcement/SWAT, military, and civilian tactical athletes. He has completed numerous firearms marksmanship and accredited tactical medicine courses, to include Special Forces Veteran Aaron Barruga’s Functional Marksmanship Movements Pistol Course, Top Shot Competitor Chris Cerino’s FASTER Foundations Pistol Course, and the U.S. Department of Defense Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Course.