Felano requests clarity on DiNoto commitment to fairly and firmly enforce laws

December 17, 2020 – BUFFALO, N.Y. – Steve Felano enthusiastically welcomes Ted DiNoto to the Erie County Sheriff race. DiNoto, an Amherst Police Detective Lieutenant, announced his candidacy via a Facebook video about an hour following Felano’s announcement Wednesday.

“I’d like to enthusiastically welcome Det. Lt. DiNoto to the Erie County Sheriff race and thank him for his 29 years of service with the Amherst Police Department,” Felano said. “I met Ted when I attended the Amherst Citizen Police Academy and appreciate his stellar contribution to the program. On behalf of all Erie County residents, I would, however, like clarity on statements made by Candidate DiNoto in his announcement video.”


As part of his campaign announcement, DiNoto said:

“I believe in the Constitution. I will never infringe on your constitutional rights…I believe in the right to bear arms. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe that, as the Sheriff of Erie County, it is my responsibility to enforce laws fairly and firmly.”

Candidate DiNoto also asked to hear from Erie County residents about his campaign. Felano has taken him up on that offer with the following:

“Candidate DiNoto: As Erie County Sheriff, will you publicly commit to complete and total non-enforcement of the unlawful SAFE Act, arbitrary pistol permit regime, illegal Red Flag Law, and all COVID-1984 executive orders?” Felano said. “If not, why not?”


“It is not possible to fairly and firmly enforce any of the aforementioned Albany edicts without clearly and explicitly violating the Constitution, constitutional rights, the right to bear arms, and the Second Amendment in which Candidate DiNoto professes belief,” Felano said. “If, as Sheriff, Candidate DiNoto plans to enforce any of the edicts I’ve mentioned, he may want to rethink the statements made in his campaign video, because it is not possible to both uphold the Constitution and enforce Albany’s civilian disarmament mandates. They are mutually exclusive. Erie County residents deserve an answer from Candidate DiNoto on this topic, and I look forward to maintaining full focus on the need for absolute Second Amendment civil rights and total freedom from COVID-1984 lockdowns throughout this campaign.”

In announcing his candidacy for Erie County Sheriff yesterday, Steve Felano unveiled his Blue New Deal to defend our deputies and citizens. He clearly and enthusiastically committed to non-enforcement of the unlawful SAFE Act, arbitrary pistol permit regime, illegal Red Flag Law, and all COVID-1984 executive orders. Review Felano’s full campaign platform at: FELANOWINS.COM.