Your Sheriff has one job: defend you from actual criminal violence and theft. That’s why, as your Sheriff, Steve Felano will aggressively fight the biggest, most dangerous criminal threatening you right now: New York State Government.

Through illegal COVID-1984 shutdown mandates, unlawful gun control edicts, and numerous other draconian restrictions, New York State steals from you what no common street thug ever could: your ability to make a living and defend your family.

On Steve’s first day as Erie County Sheriff, the resources of his office will stop being controlled by the New York City progressives running Albany. Instead, his office will vigorously resist the government-imposed system of control that robs you of your safety, prosperity, and freedom.

Because New York State government is the biggest threat to your safety right now.

Government agents steal your right to self-defense by imposing unconstitutional edicts that effectively disarm you.

Their failed bail reform policies put violent offenders back on the streets to beat, maim, and kill you while you’re disarmed.

They aid the enemies of law enforcement and encourage harm to Sheriff’s Deputies and their colleagues.

They steal your tax dollars to line their pockets through sweetheart deals, bid rigging, and worse.

They force failed public education on your children creating mandatory vaccinations, teen pregnancies, abortions, and drug addictions.

They protect their friends at big pharma companies decimating Erie County with a deadly opioid epidemic.

They are stealing your very ability to make a living and feed your family with COVID-1984 shutdown mandates.




As Erie County Sheriff, Steve Felano's Blue New Deal will free Deputies to focus on real violent criminals who prey on real victims, such as those enabled and encouraged by New York City progressives’ disastrous bail reform policies.

Our Deputies will be free to actively ignore the imaginary, victimless crimes of simply owning a firearm that scares state legislators, and/or refusing to lockdown society for fear of a virus with a 98% survival rate.

Steve's Blue New Deal ensures county residents’ civil rights are protected, unconstitutional edicts from Albany are nullified and ignored, and our Sheriff’s Deputies get the full respect and support they deserve while protecting citizens’ fundamental rights from governmental abuse.

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